Transport Insurance

Sevenstar Transport InsuranceDespite our experience and expertise in ensuring the safe transportation of yachts worldwide, there is always a small risk that a yacht might be damaged, however small. Sevenstar Yacht Transport strongly advises that all yachts for transportation are covered by an All-Risks Transport Insurance.

Yacht transportation is not usually covered by standard yacht insurance and clients often struggle to arrange an All-Risks Transport Insurance in time, so we include the appropriate insurance in most quotations. Our high carrier volume and excellent safety record allows us to offer highly competitive transport insurance via the yacht division of the leading insurance broker Anchor Insurance Rotterdam. 

How insurance works

Once you have booked space on a carrier, you will receive an insurance questionnaire. Complete this and send it to Anchor, which will place the insurance and send your insurance certificate.

All-Risks Transport Insurance covers:

    Marine risks: physical loss of or damage to your yacht
    Physical loss of or damage to your yacht during any pre-shipment and/or post-shipment services (if agreed in the Booking Note)
    Contributions to general average
    Salvage, wreck and debris removal (contribution only)
    War, strike, riots and civil commotions risks

Legal liability insurance – ie liability cover for third parties outside of Sevenstar or its ocean carrier which you may require for the transport of your yacht – is not included. However, this can be arranged through Anchor Insurance Rotterdam for little extra cost.



A deductible applies per voyage and is determined by the value of the yacht. The applicable deductibles can be found in the Anchor Insurance Rotterdam Questionnaire or via Anchor directly.
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